Sign Walkers: We drive traffic so you can make the sale!



SuperHero Printing provides a complete selection of quality Sign Walkers services. We drive traffic so you can make the sale!

Get that last second of advertising before “their” customer drives onto your competitors lot, and instead drives onto your lot!

Our Sign Walkers are better than the other guys sign spinners! We’ve all seen the wanna-be performance artists who think it is an Olympic event. Spinning signs so fast they are unreadable. Are they advertising their skills or your business!

Our Sign Walker packages are custom tailored to fit your needs. Choose number of Signwalkers/number of hours per day/ number of days to wave. We can tailor a package to fit your needs and budget.

Typical packages include a smiling, waving Sign Walker with a double 2 ft x 4ft double sided sign, shift supervisor, and yard signs for site dressing. Of course all packages can be customized to fit your needs, such as adding banners, pole signs, or other shapes and sizes of Sign Walker signs.


Sample packages:

Phoenix Area  Signwalkers  2 Day Promotion

  • one (1) supervisor
  • eight (8) signwalkers (11-4, 6hr shifts)
  • fifty (50) 2’x4′ signs (full color digital)
  • 96 Sign Hours!
    • Total Cost: $1800

Phoenix Area Large Walkers Only 3 Day Promotion

  • 100 2’x4′ signs (for walkers and site dressing)
  • 10 walkers (11-4, 6hr shifts)
  • 1 full time supervisor
  • 180 Sign Hours!
    • Total Cost: $3250

Phoenix Site Dressing Only

  • one hundred (100) full color digital 2’x4′ signs
  • signs put up on site
  • signs removed upon request
    • Total Cost: $1000

For more information or to discuss customizing a package for your next event, please call 480.788.2014 or complete the form below.